Super Mario

                                   Quick painting, lots of fun. Might do Luigi at some point





Going to work

First post of 2015! Starting the year with a look to the past, cool! You might have seen the first step of this piece if you are following me on twitter/instagram. Anyways, hope you all like it! Yabba Dabba Doo!




Teenwolf doing his classic Van Surfing! It is a remake of an old drawing I did years ago. Feels good drawing something for yourself after weeks of way too much work! Hope u dig!



Poster I did almost a year ago. I have really enjoyed painting that BG. Game has been released 2 days ago. Hope ya like!


Speed Racer

I keep doing @Sketch_Dailies stuff, I had a blast with this one. I tried a cel shaded /animation style, I thought it would fit well. Hope u all dig!


Angry Birds Star Wars 2 BGs

These are the backgrounds I did for the game, the Theed Palace one (second) was not used at the end. I might upload the Chapter Illustrations soon

You can see it bigger at http://javierburgosartblog.tumblr.com/


Daily Sketches Stuff

Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Egon Spengler, Hercules and the Joker. Drawn for some of the daily topics at @Sketch_dailies on Twitter. Fun!


Mario and Yoshi

I should color this one properly at some point. Thanks for looking!

Oh, I never posted this one here. Visual development for my former studio.



Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Splash Screen

One of the many tasks I had to do for this game, was doing the key art for it. Im sure you have already seen this somewhere around the internet, your smartphone/tablet screen, or even here  :D

I had to do this one faster than I would have liked it, but I think it ended up looking good enough. Hope you like it!



Fast colored sketches. Did these for fun. Yeah, that is what happens when you are constantly surrounded by Angry Birds! You draw them as work, but also for fun!


Street Fightbirds

I did this some time ago, but I totally forgot to post it in here, maybe because this place is pretty much dead... what happened to blogger? I'm still getting a good amount of pageviews, that's why I keep posting stuff here, but there are no comments, no interaction, no feedback... To me, that is a way more valuable thing than single pageviews, without interaction, posting its pointless. Man I used to love this site.. And I think I will eventually stop uploading here my stuff.
Anyway, a few months ago, we artists at Rovio were asked to come up with some cool artwork, mixing Angry Birds and mainstream stuff. And this is what I did. It was quite painful to do, specially the flats. I HATE doing the flats. On the good side, I learned a couple of things while coloring it up. And it was a happy surprise seeing this piece featured in Kotaku!

I also did a "Bird of Steel" colored sketch. I will probably post it here once finished. Or maybe I wont finish it and I´ll just post the sketch. Anyways, you can expect some more Angry Birds stuff.

This is just the BG. I worked so hard in this that I thought that it would be reasonable to post the bg apart. Hope u dont mind it!



First 2014 post! I LOVE the TMNT Nickelodeon designs, Ive been watching the show while drawing (liked it so far, but to me, best part of any chapter is the into, I still didn't get tired of it), and also reading the old 80s-90s comics and the new ones by IDW. Cool stuff. Its always nice drawing ninja turtles, so I did my first Donatello drawing ever.

1. Sketch: This one is not the first sketch I did, its a cleaned one. Once Im happy with the drawing I erase lines here and there to clean it a bit
2. Final Lines: I hate this step, since lines are almost invisible at the end of the piece, I don´t know why the hell I keep doing it. Yeah, Im that dumb. Anyway, as you can see, lines here are even less detailed than in the skecth , specially in the areas that I decide to define with colors (like in the folds of the elbow patch, the mask, belt and so on). I don´t intend to make them look cool or great, they are more a guide than anything else.
3. Flats: Not much to say. I try to be careful with the color filling, because line´s opacity is very low, and they take the colors of the layer below. I also hate this step.
4. Shades: Now we are talking! This is FUN! Several layers in multiply mode. Painted them with the regular soft and hard photoshop brushes
5. Lights: lots of layers in different blending modes: overlay (my fav), screen, hard light, etc.. Glowings here and there, and its done. I used the spatter brush, because it gives a nice texture to it
6. Merged layers: This is not a step itself, I just added it to show how the picture looks at this point
7. Textures: I usually don´t texturize  my drawings at all. But this one asked for it, so I used different stock textures Ive found around the internet, with veeeery low opacitties, mixing several blending modes. I also added different tones in skin, bandages and leather. I worked this step with lots of different brushes, but again, I mainly used the Spatter brush.
8. Final: BG is pretty simple, it was done very fast. I just painted an overhead light with soft brushes, and used a random sewer pic with super low opacity and a big gaussian blur behind everything. I also did a few color balance tweaks to make Donatello blend with the BG and thats all!

Hope this helps a bit. Feel free to ask anything!



Angry Birds Star Wars Promo Poster

Promotional poster for Angry Birds Star Wars 2, launching on September 19 across app stores worldwide! Yeah!

Check also the cool promo video featuring Ian McDiarmid, the one and only Emperor Palpatine

Yo can see him here signing the drawing I did of Pig Emperor, how cool is that?

More info here! http://www.rovio.com/en/news/blog/358/angry-birds-star-wars-ii-the-emperor-invites-you-to-join-the-pork-side%E2%80%9D/