Comic strips

This is the remake of a drawing that I did when was eleven years old about my dad´s dog, a sequential piece telling what do dogs when humans can´t see them. So I came up with this idea, but this time the main character is Lucca, my dog. It kind of reminds me those waner bros animated short stories about dogs and cats and their adventures on their houses, but with a disney looks like feel. The panel of the food it´s my little tribute to the "Lady and the Tramp" film. Did this for a client. Easy, fun and fast!

This is an educational comic strip done for a client about global warming, climatic changes, greenhouse effect etc... easy and funny work, but man also truly worrysome!


War of the Independents Pin Up

Pin up for the War of Independents, a 6 issue mega-crossover mini-series that will be launching in July 2008. It's being scripted by Scott Lobdell (Uncanny X-Men, Age of Apocalypse,Generation X), pencils by Dave Ryan with Richard Kane Ferguson and inked by Peter Palmiotti . It will be published by Arcana Studios.
Here we got Savage Dragon, Atlas, Mr.Monster, Johnny Raygun (love these two guys names), Glittergirl and Judogirl
Hope you all like it! See ya!