War of the Independents Pin Up

Pin up for the War of Independents, a 6 issue mega-crossover mini-series that will be launching in July 2008. It's being scripted by Scott Lobdell (Uncanny X-Men, Age of Apocalypse,Generation X), pencils by Dave Ryan with Richard Kane Ferguson and inked by Peter Palmiotti . It will be published by Arcana Studios.
Here we got Savage Dragon, Atlas, Mr.Monster, Johnny Raygun (love these two guys names), Glittergirl and Judogirl
Hope you all like it! See ya!

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MrColinP dijo...

Are you doing work for War of the Independents? If so, you should come check out this forum, The War Room:


It's for people doing tie-in books and such for the War. If you're interested, register and drop me a line so I can authorize your account.

MrColinP dijo...

Oh yeah, and that's a kick ass illustration.

Javas dijo...