Frostbite panels

A couple of panels of an 8page story Im drawing about an awesome character, "Ian (Frostbite) Melrose", you will see it very soon. Meanwhile you can check the world that Marcus Almand has created, with the first issue and some online comics "HERE"

Also, go and check the amazing RazorKid artwork "HERE" , with amazing artists like Fooray, Jeff "Chamba Cruz", Yamiza, Carlo Barbieri, Pedro AKA "greatlp" Delgado, Jack Lawrence, etc...

Razor Kid ™ logo, related characters, and all distinctive likenesses thereof are Trademark ™ and Copyright © Marcus Almand 2006-2007. All rights reserved.

This is a simple walktrough of the dungeons panel


Street Fighter Tribute

Hey gang!

I was one of the lucky guys who were invited to contribute to the Street Fighter Tribute Book, coming out from "UDON". these days during San Diego Comic Con. You can find about the book "HERE".

You better order it now, it has tons of amazing artwork from artist like Jeff "Chamba" Cruz, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, J. Scott Campbell, Alvin Lee,
Omar Dogan,etc...

I had lots of fun doing this, I drew all the characters from my fav game of the saga: SFII!! I still play with it!

I will sell 11X17 prints of this, if you are interested in it, hit me to javiburch@yahoo.es !! Ill also do an sketch for u!!

Hope u dig!