Ian Melrose: Frozen pages 7-8

Pages 7 and 8 of the Ian Melrose: Frozen story
These are tha last pages, I really enjoyed working in this story, Marcus is a great buddy and a great writer, the kind of boss everyone wants to have. So I hope you keep visiting his place and the RazorKid web --> http://www.razorkid.com/
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pablo pablo dijo...

Excelente pagina!

Cheeks dijo...

Javier, dude... your blog is TIGHT! love your work, man. thanx for droppin by! Say..... how do you make those nifty banners?

Mehdi Shiri dijo...

very able

Tatevik Avakyan dijo...

Fantastic art! Your characters have such great style and dynamic movement. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

G.Encinas dijo...


Sergio Melero dijo...

Grande! Impresionante la iluminación, el diseño y la composición de las imágenes.

Estas hecho un hacha!

Miguel dijo...

Hola, Javi.
Solo saludarte. Ya veo que sigues a tope y al pie del cañón. Muy buenos trabajos, para variar.

Un abrazo.

Ken dijo...

superb work as usual mate! Love your style

C.B. Canga dijo...

nice. it's all about the clenched fist pose.

Javas dijo...

cheeks:thx for stopping by, glad to see u around. I take peoples banners (or I make them) from their own websites and I use that image as a link to their blogs. Did it in the HTML options from Blogger

mehdi: thanks, Im a huuuuge fan of ur work. Thanks for visiting

tatevik:thaks for stopping by, u are an inspiration



miguel: pero bueno cuanto tiempo!! q alegria verte por aki maik

Ken:thx master, its an honor coming from u

cbcanga: XD yeah

Kichi dijo...

Me encanta esta historia!
¡Espero conocer la continuación rapidamente !
¡Es excelente!
¡Me gusta tu estilo! ¡Me maravilla las colores! ¡Me encanta todo!