Did this for the winner of a contest I did at my deviantart page. The rules were: the first one who send me a screen capture of my page showing the pageview number 400.000, will win a free drawing of the character he/she wants.

They sent me 3 screencaps, so there were 3 winners, the first one got this piece, depicting her original character, Neil. The other 2 got a couple of coloured head sketches. You can see them down here, a couple of posts ago, the one with all these head sketches (the last two).

Hope you like it!


Hellboy Jr.

Born to be wild!
Sketch I ended up inking and coloring. Drawing Hellboy´s Big Hand was very funny must say.


Coloured Head Sketches Commisions

First 6 coloured head sketches commissions of 10, I´ll update the next 4 in this same post soon! You will find more info on commissions by clicking the "commissions" link on the right menu.
Hope you all digs!
*EDIT* Updated with 4 more head sketches


Random Post

These are some old designs, hope you like them.

Another old drawing, I could swear I already posted this one...oh well. I did this as a homage of a certain scene from Disney´s Fantasia


Nuts & Castles

A double page spread I did last year. Do you remember the "Mountain Pass" piece I submitted some time ago? Well, both pieces belongs to the same project, in fact, in this piece, you can appreciate that mountain pass in the distance, at the bottom of the creepy castle. Thats all, just wanted to share it with you, hope you dig.