Grey Griffins Pin Up

Pinup I did for J.S Lewis, the writer from the Grey Griffins book series. He is putting together an awesome artbook called "The Misterious Journal of J.S Lewis" that will see the light this summer at the SDCC, featuring lots of great artist (not like myself, I mean REALLY great) like Sean Galloway, Phil Hester, Todd Nauck, Mike Kunkle, Marcio Takara, and many many others. You will also be able to buy this pin up printed, so u can´t miss the chance! Wooot!

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Ty Carter dijo...

ah! This is spectacular!!!

Javas dijo...

Thank ye so much Ty!

_.:*°SLAG°*:._ dijo...

Great Work!!!!!!!! The colour is perfect.. as every time!

the best o__O]

Javas dijo...

thanks fella!

Shyester dijo...


You've always been awesome and I've been watching you through dA for the longest time.

I"m glad I got to seek out your blogspot... again thanks for the comment you gave (though it was a hell of a long time ago haha)

Just thought i'd let you know that i'm more than happy to throw you up on the "watch out for" list i have going on my blog.

Keep up the great work!


Javas dijo...

Thank u!!! :aww: