This guy is able to sell comics during the day and as he says, save the city during the night. Born in Madrid, Spain, and raised in Star Trek's Enterprise, he is the bass player and a a badass freak!

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Oskar Iglesias dijo...

Esta genial.

Javas dijo...

gracias!! :D

Mello dijo...

I freaking love your work. I hope you don't mind me asking but how do you go about coloring? What's your process? And where can I see more of your stuff?

Rumpenstiltzkin dijo...

cool design! looks badass :]

Javas dijo...

Mello: nothing fancy about my coloring, just cell shades done in photoshop. You can see some more stuff at my DA page, yu will find the link at the front page. You will be able to download an orientative PSD file there, hope it helps

Rumpen...what?: Thanks! he totally is! ^^