Klopex Galactic Bubble

Some of the assets I did for the recently released game, Klopex Galactic Bubble  by G4M3 Studio. Rest of the art crew did an amazing job developing most of the game art.

See ya later!


Dragon Ball Adventure

Phew! I finally got the time to finish this one, so much fun! I have enjoyed drawing every part of it, even the dragon of the logo! As you can see, the capsule house I submitted some days ago, was indeed barely visible! Hope you all like it! c ya!


Capsule House

Did this as a BG of the current DB piece I´m working on. Actually its barely visible, so I tought I could upload it as a "teaser" or something. Nothing fancy, anyway

See ya!



Concept done for G4M3 Studios http://www.g4m3studios.com/en/

I used a 512x512 canvas, my bad :S, but I had fun with it!

copyright © G4M3 SL


Avengers + panel

Started doodling some random characters and this is what it became.

And this is a panel from a personal project, I need to find more time to work on this.

Hope you like it! ^^