Street Fightbirds

I did this some time ago, but I totally forgot to post it in here, maybe because this place is pretty much dead... what happened to blogger? I'm still getting a good amount of pageviews, that's why I keep posting stuff here, but there are no comments, no interaction, no feedback... To me, that is a way more valuable thing than single pageviews, without interaction, posting its pointless. Man I used to love this site.. And I think I will eventually stop uploading here my stuff.
Anyway, a few months ago, we artists at Rovio were asked to come up with some cool artwork, mixing Angry Birds and mainstream stuff. And this is what I did. It was quite painful to do, specially the flats. I HATE doing the flats. On the good side, I learned a couple of things while coloring it up. And it was a happy surprise seeing this piece featured in Kotaku!

I also did a "Bird of Steel" colored sketch. I will probably post it here once finished. Or maybe I wont finish it and I´ll just post the sketch. Anyways, you can expect some more Angry Birds stuff.

This is just the BG. I worked so hard in this that I thought that it would be reasonable to post the bg apart. Hope u dont mind it!

7 comentarios:

Betty Szwagierczak dijo...

Great illustration, I used to play angry birds A LOT. not to mention Street Fighter games ;).
blogger's been dead for a while now, but keep on posting amazing stuff!

Raul Jimenez Dominguez dijo...

Muy bueno el diseño, nunca imagine asi a los Angry Fighters, jejeje.


David McBride dijo...

Great work love the background too!! Amazing!!!

Lorène dijo...

The background is so wonderful o_O i think it will inspire me for my future own backgrounds... very good job.

Cade dijo...

Maybe it is dead but I still have a bunch of artist feeds I subscribe to and you are one of them. Not sure what kind of interaction I could provide to an artist other than some praise. All I can offer is my eyeballs. I see what you post and I like it.

Javier Burgos "Javas" dijo...

Thank u all!

Cade: humm I think you are right. I might be too used to Deviantart, wich for me still is the best art website ever

Nicolás Lasaïgues dijo...

No recuerdo hace cuanto te sigo, pero tengo un link de tu blog en el mio (junto con otros tantos que uso de inspiración).
Personalmente, soy un gran admirador de tu trabajo y espero que cada tanto sigas subiendo cosas acá.